In 5 days, we can help your team & organization,

figure out what is really going on.

We like to think of ourselves as the IDEO of Human Performance.

With our in-depth behavioral loop analysis (BLOOPS), we examine patterns that might be conditioned, reinforced, taught or mandated. These behaviors can cause, friction, misalignment and noise, undermining performance & creativity.  

Instead of reactionary leadership, delayed post-project analysis, team off-sites or quarterly one-on-one sessions, we work to understand what is going on with the team right now. Saving your organizations $1000s.

Our Insight mission typically lasts 5 days

We focus on listening to individuals, capturing team behavior and analyzing perceptions that are deeply entrenched.

The behavioral data we capture, enables leaders to point to a problem, rather then talk about opportunities.

The vast majority of teams, have limited time, data or deep experience to uncover and analyze the problems facing the project.


We uncover the leading and buried problems quickly, enabling the team to be proactive.  Saving a organization thousands, potentially millions over a span of a year.


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