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Vision & strategy designed for activation and execution

Businesses must be responsive to customer demands, enabling technologies, changing social growth formulas and delivering products that add value almost instantaneously.  


What might sound like a radical idea quickly becomes normalized if successful. Or, it can lead the organization down the wrong path.

100% of the teams we have worked with, were enlightened with deep insight by these 3 protocols we run via our LAUNCHus platform:  


Behavioural simulations: We run these experiential simulations to analyze the impact and reaction the team might have to the vision and strategy being designed.  Pictorials of the vision are great, real behavioural models provide leaders with the real advantage of understanding how this idea might unfold within the organization.  


Secondary staging: With leaders and teams aligned and a vector set, we create a secondary vision & strategy stage, allowing teams to consistently test the current direction based on new inputs i.e. changes in the competitive landscape, internal challenges like time overruns and shifts in organization focus. Most vision and strategies must iterate, in some cases pivot, it's important to have this process built thinking fabric.   


Human Arc: We set the foundation of system, process or product design via our visual thinking framework - simply put, we start drawing to solve problems. This is where most boutique firms stop. LAUNCHus conducts the behavioural impact analysis of the cross-functional groups, such as human resources, sales, marketing, that will need to adapt to this rapid acceleration. The last thing you need is a company not ready to stand up a product that becomes mars bound.  


Along with these three protocols, we conduct a highly interactive engagement, visually dense and deeply meaningful approach to designing your near or long-term vision. 

Here is the deep value the LAUNCHus platform brings to teams  


  • Smaller problems are unearthed earlier. 

  • Greater focus is put on an empirically based vision rather than just aspirational.

  • Developing a less autocratic & leader-dependent vision. 

  • Radical transparency to deal with current organizational realities.      

  • Discovering & treating behaviour patterns that cause friction, spin, frustration and misalignment.  




Companies hire us to help them 


  • Work to develop ideas from zero to launch and beyond. 

  • Co-create a clear vision, define the strategy to achieve it & create an action plan to clarify with the organization. 

  • De-couple complex metrics that might be generating conflicting data and creating heading haze. 

  • Visualising the life of a customer through the internal group lenses vs. just the user's experience. 




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