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Are you exhausted, confused, and demoralized with the job-hunting game?
Few calls, limited traction, or offers that get rescinded?

2023 feels you.
We can help immediately.

This is what you need to know: We have analyzed hundreds of hiring managers in their setup, selection, and interview process.


We can help you reset your mental framing, quickly analyze your current approach, and set you up with a process to jump ahead of other candidates.

Here’s a secret: You can get selected and pass the final interview by adapting and targeting the resume accurately, building speed and efficiencies so the steps do not drain you, evaluating and being guided through the process.

Our candidates see an 83% bump in scoring an interview.

Who is perfect for this:

If you have crossed 30 days in the job market. You are a business or technology analyst, manager, consultant, or director and would like to get a job quickly.   

  1. 15 spots/month.

  2. Free first call

  3. Less than $600 

  4. Three spots available

What we will initially focus on: 

1: We want to understand how your feeling 


We are here to listen first. Active listening will let us understand the pressure and process cycle you have been in. We are not here to be critical; rather team up to drive forward quickly. 


2: Discuss market factors


You need to understand the current state. This means critically thinking over your options vs. just plowing down the current path.

3: Discuss resume sell design   

You will learn to push over imaginary skill, knowledge, and experience boundaries so that you are targeting yourself to grow and deliver value in the future.

4: Discuss
the next 30 then 60 days


We will discuss our guided approach & get-hired framework. We will also chat about the cost. We know this is a challenging time, but we also understand that the longer you are out of a job, the costlier it gets. 

Let's solve this problem together.

Our teams are deployed globally in the following regions. United States, Canada, the Middle East & India.

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