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Remote Working

Performance management in hybrid & remote-first workplaces

80% of workers expect to work at home at least some of the time post-pandemic. For many teams, the future won’t be fully remote or all in-person experience it will be hybrid.


This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to define your new normal.

How we help

Hybrid Team Sprint / 4 to 8 weeks 

This sprint-based training approach enables teams to quickly track and change behavior & refine processes with data, guiding them towards improvement.

Our areas of focus:

  1. Hybrid mindset for the week  

  2. Managing personal growth and performance 

  3. Personal micro retrospectives

  4. Examine unconscious biases, story narratives and assumption generation

  5. Creation of identity and voice resonance  

  6. Empowerment management 

  7. Remote team decision framework creation

  8. Amplifying team culture

This program is designed for those transitioning to a hybrid model or having challenges with remote performance and team management.  

MD Leader

The program is headed by

Myron Luis, Head of People


He is one of the worlds leading consultants on team behavioral design and the future of work. Myron founded the organization consultancy Humansfirst to truly empower people to rethink engagement and outcomes. He has guided teams and leaders to rethink people models for the 21st century.         

His methodology is supported by over a decade of experience in organization development, product design, change management and project delivery.

We love work.

You can too.

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