The Adaptive Performance 

Lab has three missions:


  Data Insight 

  Team Response 

  Accelerate Humans   

Our Insight mission typically lasts 5 days

In this mission, we are focused on listening to individuals, capturing team behaviour and analyzing perceptions. 

Insight focuses on analyzing behaviour at play


If culture eats strategy (and management and operations) for breakfast, behaviour is the heart of culture. You know, how people really interact - how they make decisions and communicate (explicitly or not). Unbeknownst to the organization, these interactions determine culture & impact, speed in delivery, creativity, competitiveness and how we treat each other.


This mission is designed to identify and map the behavioural loops at play in your organization, determining in the process how it impacts your culture and your key metrics.


Once the insight module is completed, your organization will have a definitive understanding of which interactions are causing the greatest impact on your team, project, and organization.  


We then move the team to our Response mission. 

Our Response mission typically lasts a minimum of 4 weeks

We introduce protocols & learning experiences that are leading-edge and focused on changing team behaviour to create agility, speed, and creativity. 

This period entails concentrated focus, with short-bursts of intense training.


The behavioural intelligence data gathered in the previous module will help your organization identify behaviours that are counterproductive.


These behaviour patterns are decoupled into its smaller actions, events and owners. We then introduce protocol solutions and leading-edge practices to transform these behaviours at the root cause.


This does not only immediately alter team performance, it has a lasting impact, as the root of the behaviour has been addressed. 


We then move individuals into our Accelerate mission. 

Our Accelerate mission typically lasts a minimum of 3 months 

Your team members receive individual attention that enables transparency, protects vulnerability and drives authenticity.  

Think of this as a safe landing pod for individuals to share, learn, evaluate, refuel emotionally and sprint to the next waypoint.  


This last step ensures effective behaviour alteration, focused on the individual.


This is critical because without the individual mastering the skills, understanding value & more importantly having a voice to talk about their challenges and opportunities, the human aspect of change will be missed.


This is coaching using data, human empathy and deep organizational insight.   

Reach out, so we can show you how to unlock the potential of your organization, through changing human behaviour.