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Without frequent check-ins and a clear process to manage how people feel and engage at work, teams will not thrive. Cisco conducts 3 million check-ins per year. We teach you how.  


As managers, we must practice active caring, mentoring, and championing. In doing so, an irreversible positive narrative gets formulated about you and the organization.

Here are the top challenges we helped
Gen M & Z resolve in 2022 (onwards into 2023)

  1. I am a newly promoted leader without training in people management, and I feel lost. 

  2. I think there are a lot of people quite-quitting in this organization. 

  3. How do I stop being overly fixated on managing my work identity? 

  4. I am exhausted from managing my team's needs. 

  5. I need to hire, but I don’t know how to figure out if they're a cultural fit. 

  6. How do I use the social attention economy to increase engagement at work?  

  7. I am upset that my expectations and needs are not being recognized at work. 

  8. The shift from boring to extremely stressful work is jarring for me.    

  9. I don’t feel I am in control of my growth path.  

  10. How do I engage and manage work with generation-Z?

People Management Framework

for Gen X, M & Z Leaders.   

The workplace future is multi-generation, hybrid, equitable, and focused on sustainable growth.

Our GENUS Framework creates strong, deep, and meaningful relationships with teams, drastically increasing engagement scores.

Learn the GENUS Framework

Workbiome Framework

There are 3 ways you can learn the GENUS Framework.
Which one is right for you?

Used by over 400+ resources globally.


Free 45 min coaching session on the highly praised globally used framework.

On this confidential video chat, we get to converse about what makes you excited about work and, importantly, what two challenges you want to tackle as a manager of people and outcomes. We also introduce you to the framework process and showcase examples. We also provide a fully customized GENUS Framework for your organization. 

Perfect for managers working to understand how to raise engagement scores and build meaningful team relationships.


Download the GENUS 30 design guide rated with a 92%* success outcome.

It helps you understand yourself and how individuals in the team want to engage. All this in 5 days. Simple yet powerfully designed for behavioral change.

Perfect for anyone who wants to test the GENUS guide for a week.

Business People Applauding

Become a GENUS Framework certified coach.

We certify the world's best managers, directors, and executive leaders in 90 days. The research has shown a reduction in employee turnover by 67%* and an increase in employee engagement by 77%*.

Perfect for anyhow who has worked with us and wants to empower more people at your organization.

In the words of people whom we have worked with... 

The shared language we now have is creating radical candor in the workplace, its honesty with direction - Station Digital.

I now know where my true strength lies. I am no longer a jack of all trades but tapped into where the team's brilliance lies - Twitter.

Just in time, learning has been instrumental for our team to react, shift and change with the demands of the market - Data Robot.

We have worked with folks from these great organizations.

Broker Scout. Roots of Wellness. DataRobot. Social Media Specialist. Humani HR. Blue Water Leadership Coaching. Canadian National Institute of the Blind. Scotia Bank. Rx Green Technologies. Network Medical Management. Canada Life. Outbrain. Talk Shop Media. Bam the Agency. Hydro One. STN Digital. CIBC Imperial Bank of Canada. Rogers. KAR Global. American Express. Ontario Ministry of Health. Mindful Snacks. Leaders at Scale. Best Work Yet. Shine Talent Group. Westben Arts Festival Theater. University of Toronto. Wave Accounting. Table Top Resources. Openlane. Adesa. Intelex. EHS & ESG Management. Wellington Healthcare. Moneris. Center for Addition and Mental Health Canada. Mount Sinai Health System. Science World. AKQA Idea & Innovation and more.

We love work. Your teams can too.

Our teams are deployed globally in the following regions: United States, Canada, Middle East & India. Click to connect

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