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Based in Vancouver & Toronto, Canada 

What is an Organizational Audit? 

We uncover widespread counterproductive behaviours, assess the impact and recommend new practices to address them.


This can be done for individual teams or an entire organization. With our in-depth behavioral loop analysis (BLOOPS), we examine patterns that might be conditioned, reinforced, taught or mandated. 

The traditional assessment methods, such as retrospectives, team off-sites or quarterly one-on-one sessions are not effective for a fast paced organization, that needs to understand, learn and change.   

Our Organizational Auditing typically lasts 5 days

We focus on listening to individuals, capturing team behaviors and analyzing perceptions that are deeply entrenched.

The behavioral data we capture enables leaders to point to a clear problem, rather then talk about opportunities. Book a demo   

What next? The Response MissionWe train you on new people practices.

We train your people to develop new practices that address counterproductive behaviours identified in the Insight Mission. Individuals will have an experience of growth in their roles, increasing interpersonal skills and engagement in teams and creating opportunities for further learning and development.

We custom design this mission in series of four week cycles of training. If you want to see an example, book a demo.

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The vast majority of teams have limited time, data or experience to uncover and analyze the problems facing the project.


We uncover the leading and buried problems quickly, enabling teams to be proactive, saving an organization thousands, potentially even millions over the span of a year. The best action you can take right now is to book a demo.