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Enhanced leadership for CEOs and Founders

Humans First works with client organizations to examine business goals, assess current organizational leadership capability, and devise accelerated learning maps for high potential leaders. We create an immersive learning architecture to develop holistic leaders and measure against medium and long-term strategic outcomes.

Coaching takes the mental models you are using to make decisions and unpacks them. It creates the availability of new actions by changing you, the observer. Every session, you will explore desired outcomes to obstacles through confidential one-on-one discussions. An effective coaching relationship helps executives improve their leadership style, increase their bottom line and drive shareholder value by enhancing these mental models.

MD Leader

How We Help

Bi-Weekly Coaching Touchpoints / 3 to 6-month commitment

This focused approach enables new and seasoned executives to quickly examine their mindset and optimize their approach to four main problem areas:

Managing Organizational Change

  • Providing people change expertise to understand the behaviors, ways of working, leadership alignment, and roadblocks that will require intentional intervention for change adoption across your organization.

Leadership Development and Strengthening Talent

  • Scale and retain your talented people by creating a coaching culture, equipping leaders to meet the organization's current and future challenges.

Enhancing Communication Across Functions

  • Conflict resolution is critical for an organization's health. Develop radical candor and examine bias to watch your meetings and conversations transform.

Drive Product Innovation and Increase Profitability

  • Evaluate the hard-coded elements of organizational design and work structures while recognizing the softer uncoded aspects of the work ethos, creating a system and process health check.

Leadership Coaching Division

Danika Czubak, Head of Performance Management

​Danika is a seasoned expert in leadership development, change management, and designing your work life. Working with a certified coach is a guaranteed way to excel at what you do, no matter the aspiration. Together, we will get impactful, actionable results for your business and transform your ability to be an aspiring leader by challenging personal mental models and assumptions. Danika has spent thousands of hours coaching high-achieving leaders, empowering them to lead change and identify the strengths needed to increase their impact at work. Now it's your turn.

  • 10 years - Leadership Coach (CPCC, PCC, Certified Design Your Work-Life Coach)

  • 7 years - Certified Change Management Practitioner (Prosci ADKAR)

  • 3 Sabbatical trips worldwide

We love work.

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