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Your team's approach to
change-making can transform your culture & technology.

Helping it be a more responsive, inclusive, and agile high-performing organization.

Why Change Matters

Organizations with team-focused “changeability” outperform on many measures (figures are in comparison to bottom-quartile companies).

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How we help teams in technical, process, product, and people change

Our “Lead Your Team” framework is a breakthrough organizational, process, and technological change method.

We can increase realized value by 48%, reduce cost overruns by 24% and increase employee buy-in by 65%. *compared to traditional forms of change execution.

5 key differences:

We communicate with teams rather than manage communication:

Rather than managing people in a wide and non-specific approach, we work with teams to make the change happen at the execution level.

Traditional CMOs emphasize control from the top down. We focus on coaching, gap, and capability building with teams. The result: a higher capacity for change.


Outcome-driven, rather status focus:  

Our Outcomes Delivery Forum doesn’t simply report on progress.

The primary focus is anticipating and responding to friction, complexity, and noise. We then work to drive towards a clear signal with functional groups, leaders, and doers, keeping your change efforts on track.


Team engagement rather than only stakeholder-focused:

We engage for results, a powerful way to ensure your organization feels informed, heard, and connected.

We do this by foregoing a traditional communications plan in favor of a curated approach that “de-averages” your workforce and acknowledges that different groups will be affected by the change differently and, therefore, require different messaging and outreach.  This drives your employee NPS scope up.


Active engagement, rather than passively managing:  

Team input and approval are powerful steps in our approach for balancing power flow and inclusion in the execution phase.

Change leaders who apply this process learn to empower individuals, allow for critical dissent, and align

Manage change at the product or platform level:

Our teams are engaged in simplifying change at the product/platform level through the design, development, testing, and launch phases. This drives a 40x reduction in change friction.    

On site

Leaders, this is what makes us unique:   

Our framework enables change through your team, giving you the superpower of pace and scale.

We not only manage the process, but we also train your team during the execution. This is the ultimate 2-for-1 deal.  

We have worked with folks from these great organizations.

Broker Scout. Roots of Wellness. DataRobot. Social Media Specialist. Humani HR. Blue Water Leadership Coaching. Canadian National Institute of the Blind. Scotia Bank. Rx Green Technologies. Network Medical Management. Canada Life. Outbrain. Talk Shop Media. Bam the Agency. Hydro One. STN Digital. CIBC Imperial Bank of Canada. Rogers. KAR Global. American Express. Ontario Ministry of Health. Mindful Snacks. Leaders at Scale. Best Work Yet. Shine Talent Group. Westben Arts Festival Theater. University of Toronto. Wave Accounting. Table Top Resources. Openlane. Adesa. Intelex. EHS & ESG Management. Wellington Healthcare. Moneris. Center for Addition and Mental Health Canada. Mount Sinai Health System. Science World. AKQA Idea & Innovation and more.

Our teams are deployed globally in the following regions. United States, Canada, the Middle East & India. Connect

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