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Outcome Based Management

Creating an outcome-focused coaching culture. 
Agile, open, and ready to deliver.


Most departments that operate today get in the way of great organizational teamwork instead of supporting it.

Today's functional teams need to be outcome-driven. However, some are struggling to survive the next stand-up meeting, and others generate more friction than flow, and a few lack mission cohesion due to poor management.

Each of these outcomes needs an organization capable of learning and adapting fast enough to get it done.

Humansfirst helps organizations meet these challenges. We specialize in working with complex organizations. We understand that lasting change requires behavior change by individuals, managers, and the processes that shape how they interact.

How we help

Managers Insight Sprint / 16 weeks 

We introduce self-analysis protocols and in-team role play,  focused on management behavior to refine agility, alignment, and creativity. 

Be Outcome-Driven

Focus on the outcome you’re trying to achieve together, and use that clarity of purpose to shape and guide your work.

Design the Team for a Network

Enable managers to contribute, regardless of who they are – across functions, divisions, levels of seniority, and even beyond the formal boundaries of the organization.

Distribute Authority

Everyone has the authority to do what they think needs to be done, as long as they've sought the advice (not permission) of the colleagues who are affected.

Learn by Doing

Adopt a make → test → learn → iterate approach to all work, combined with a steady rhythm of testing and reflecting on a weekly basis.

Default to Open

Make information easily accessible and open by default.

Young Woman

Empowered Managers

Our work deliberately breaks down the traditional command-and-control dynamic of management.


It is critical to our work that our senior-most sponsors support and model this change, and empower their teams to work with greater speed and autonomy.

We love work.

You can too.

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